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Welcome to Peekaboo Baby

Peekaboo Baby is Maine’s premiere 2D/3D/4D fetal ultrasound imaging center.
Our goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable bonding experience between mom, dad, and family with your new family member. Come visit our serene imaging environment for an incredible ultrasound experience.

The health of mom and baby are our greatest concern. At Peekaboo Baby, our diagnostic medical sonographers are registered through the ARDMS and hold many registries beyond their specialty of obstetrics and gynecology. However, our imaging is not a substitute for proper prenatal care from your OB physician or midwife.  Due to our extensive ultrasound credentialing we are able to offer diagnostic ultrasound for baby and the whole family through our diagnostic imaging company.

Peekaboo Baby comes to Portland!

     Beginning February 11, 2019, Peekaboo Baby and Indigo Diagnostic Imaging will be opening their new office serving southern Maine. The office will be in the Basics Fitness Center located at 380 Western Ave, Suite E, South Portland. Check out their website by clicking the button below. Call or email to reserve your appointment.

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What’s The Difference Between 2D, 3D & 4D Ultrasound?

2D Image

3D Image

4D Ultrasound

Since the 4th dimension is time, you see your baby moving in live 3D feed.

(video coming soon)

Our Packages

Grandma Peekaboo

Peekaboo’s on-site spoiler

What company centered around babies would be complete without a crocheting, tidying, sewing, baking, hug-giving, nose-wiping grandmother! Grandma Peekaboo is the master crafter of our beloved, soft, cuddly teddy bears and heartbeat recorders. Hanging from our booty tree, you will find her adorable crocheted baby booties.

What’s a Peekaboo Bear?

Our Exclusive Bear handmade by Grandma Peekaboo with all the love and kisses a grandma can add,
Contains a recorder to record your baby’s heartbeat. Peekaboo Bear is a lifetime keepsake. ($30)

Our Crew

Tammy Thomas

Tammy Thomas


Sonographer, Vascular Technologist

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas


Marketing and Finance

Kilie Young

Kilie Young



Benton Thomas

Benton Thomas


Information Technology

Indigo Diagnostic Imaging

We can provide your diagnostic imaging needs through our Indigo Diagnostic Imaging company. If you are self-pay or have a high insurance deductible we can save you a significant amount of money on your ultrasound ordered by your physician. The radiologist interpretation fee is included with the price.

Available Exams

For Indigo Diagnostic Imaging

Thyroid- $165
Limited Abdominal- $155
Complete abdominal- $185
Renal (kidney) with bladder- $165
Renal w/out bladder-$155
Aorta screening- $150
Carotid Doppler- $250
Venous Doppler unilateral (Arm or leg)- $165
Venous Doppler bilateral (Arm or Leg)- $195
Arterial Doppler unilateral (Arm or leg)- $165
Arterial Doppler bilateral (Arm or leg)- $195

More Exams

Pelvic or Trans-vaginal- $155
Obstetrics 1st trimester(5-13 weeks)- $165
OB Nuchal Translucency (10-14 Wks, only w/ accompanying blood test)-$185
OB Anomaly screen (18-24 weeks)- $225
OB Limited (AFI, growth, umbilical, artery dopplers)- $165
OB Follow-up-$155
OB Biophysical Profile (BPP) – $165
Neonatal Head (newborn)-$145
Scrotal-(Testicular)- $165
Breast (unilateral)- $165
Breast (bilateral)-185
Musculoskeletal- $165
Echocardiography (Heart)- $275

To Sneak a Peek

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Our Locations

Peekaboo Baby Ellsworth

102 Main St, Ellsworth, Maine


Available 7 days a week.

Peekaboo Baby: Ellsworth (In Back of Union River Book And Toy Store)

102 Main St, Suite 5
Ellsworth, Maine
Available 7 days a week

Peekaboo Baby Portland

Peekaboo Baby: Portland (In Lower Level of Basics Fitness Center)

380 Western Ave, Suite E
South Portland, Maine
Opening February 11, 2019

Indigo Diagnostic Imaging Bangor

214 Hammond St. Bangor, ME


Available Tuesdays

Indigo Diagnostic Imaging: Bangor (In Holly #7 Birthing Center)

214 Hammond St. Bangor, Maine

Links to our Partners

Indigo Diagnostic Imaging

Indigo Diagnostic Imaging is an imaging company with state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and experienced sonographers. We bring affordable and quality ultrasound imaging for physicians and clinics to your office with expedient radiology interpretation, within 24 hours.

Visit Their Site

Basics Fitness Center

Founded by the Marston Family in 2004, Basics is a spacious, clean, and inviting fitness center where exercisers of all ability levels feel comfortable and supported by each other and by our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Basics is an independent, locally owned and operated business.

Visit Their Site

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